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Giavonna’s Gourmet Coffee

Coffee Scoop

Coffee Scoop

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Introducing our ultimate solution for fast, convenient, and mess-free brewing - the Reusable K-Cup Scoop! Effortlessly fill your reusable K-Cups and more with ease.

HOW TO USE: Simply scoop your preferred coffee, tea, or powder, close the top, flip the scoop, and effortlessly pour for a perfect fill. The built-in funnel ensures a clean and easy pour every single time, eliminating any mess or spills.

VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: This handy scoop is compatible with all reusable single-serve coffee pod capsules, making it a versatile tool for all your favorite brews. Whether you’re using re-fillable K-Cups or other reusable pods, this scoop is your go-to solution.

EXPAND YOUR OPTIONS: Beyond coffee, our scoop can elevate your tea game too! Use it for tea leaves, or take advantage of its versatility by measuring vitamin and protein powder, baby formula, and more!

Say goodbye to the hassle of refilling your reusable pods. Embrace the simplicity and convenience of our Reusable K-Cup Scoop, your ultimate brewing companion. Enjoy fast, easy, and clean brewing, making every cup a delightful experience. Elevate your coffee and tea rituals with this essential tool - your one-stop scoop for all your beverage and powder needs.

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